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Chef Anjana

It has taken me over two decades to perfect the art of this simple solution to the craving for home-cooked Indian food by Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and all those around the world who love the cuisine but are daunted by its complex and time-consuming cooking process.


I've slow-roasted every carefully selected spice in my range of masalas using precision-controlled dehydration equipment - all that's left is a few simple steps to get an authentic home-cooked meal on the table. It's easier than paint by numbers!


We both know there is nothing on earth like home-cooked Indian food - its nuanced flavours, health benefits, and wondrous power to forge friendships and evoke memories. I'm so delighted that my labour of love can help you create a bit of heaven or home in your corner of the globe.

Our Story

Our project of passion, NRI Kitchen, is a culmination of our journey navigating the exotic and complex NRI lifestyle of 20 years. Having evolved into acquired cultures, our Desi roots remained strong, thanks to our mouth-watering cuisine, which we all miss ever so fondly. Having travelled, lived and worked in cities around the world, we have now discerned the fine flavours that unite us all as one global community of NRIs.


NRI Kitchen is a platform for all NRIs and Indophiles who crave those mouthful memories of happiness. Here we share our joy, our products, our experiences, our food, and above all, our love, which is quintessential to our culture.

Hang out here and explore our recipes, vlogs, and shop our authentic easy-to-cook ready-made masalas, rare premium spices, hard to get your hand on utensils, and some pretty cool merch.

Some we produce and some we purvey, but both with pride and love as we would for our own family. Join us to draw from and contribute to this community 

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